Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh goody goody..

Dexter the Destroyer!

So today I thought I'd wrap a Christmas gift. What? Yes that is correct. It is October 8th and I am packing to leave town and I sat down and finished a pair of gift socks and decided to wrap them. Call me crazy...

Dexter said.. "oh goody goody.. what is she doing..?" He proceeded to get right in the middle of it all and sniff smell and bite the ribbons and bows.

I got to thinking that we are in for big trouble this year with the Holiday Items...

And he just looks up like..."What?"

Friday, September 11, 2009

So Busted!!

Dex now has a bit of a criminal record. The paper I got in the mail from the Police department, animal control division states that someone has complained of his barking. Would have been nice to get a little note from them so I could look into it. But that is okay. I had to buy a bark collar.

We had it on tonight and watched the reaction after two barks. It was a bit more than I can stand, so you know, that was the end of the session. Although I have to say he was a non barker for the rest of the night. Maybe he is smarter than we think. Well, of course he is. So it is back to the crate from 8-5 four days a week for Dex, and when he wants to hunt flies, and chase the sprinklers it is bark collar training. Ugh.. I just have a childish juvenile reaction right now and that is to glare and pout at all the neighbors.

The law says he can't bark for more than 20 minutes consecutively, or intermittently for one hour. I suppose I could document and allow that. I actually think that law is a bit over generous as I don't want to hear another dog bark for that long even my own. It grates my nerves. I do aim to be a good owner/neighbor and train my dog. Dex never barked for more than 5 minutes when I am home as I go out and get him, I either stop him or bring him in.

Dex's side of the story....

"Lies.. Lies... I was framed!! Those kids hang over the fence and taunt me and I just want to play and chase them. And the neighbors across the fence have a big hunting dog that is off leash all the time. I have no choice but to sound the tattle tale alarm. I have this big big voice and I plan on using it.

Well... I must say this, when I barked tonight I got a weird sensation and it was kinda creepy. I might just be laying low for a while... time will tell.... Trust me.... these neighbors are whack job evil doers and it is my job to keep things straight in the yard."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Eyes....

Can we ever stop talking about the eyes? No. I love this hound. He is 11 months now. He is having a stint of bad behavior due to lack of walking. We have a broken ankle/leg in the house right now and my attention is sort of divided and I am too tuckered out to tucker him out. I swear Mr. Dex, I am going to devote more time to your training and exercise soon. Hang in there buddy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Many Faces of Dexter....

He is such a character. You know he has a lot of different expressions. I mean normally he just has the "I am so freaking cute" look on his face. But he does have other looks.

Here is: cynical / judgement Dex.

Here is : What you talking 'bout Willis? Dex.

Here is : Can you say that a bit slower? Did you really say go outside?

Here is: "I don't think I hear you Dex."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dexter at 10 month

Here is our sweet guy at 10 months.

We took him on his first overnighter/camping trip to Bodega Bay over the Fourth of July weekend. He had a blast. He did okay. He loved to bark at the tide.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few months later...

It wasn't long after we got Dex that we were used to late night potty breaks, early am play sessions. Our new baby was so cute and adorable, but holy cow... we had to learn to protect our assets from this chewing monster. And I mean he ate everything, phones, furniture, toys, hair clips, shoes, rugs .. and I mean everything.

He was a chewing machine... (still is) We have to channel his chewing. He didn't score a lot of points by chewing my yarn, toilet paper and even books. It was really bad. It was worse than having a two year old around. And with my grandson a two year old at the time I can vouch that the Grandson was easier to watch than "the beast."

I mean he was so cute but such a deadly chewer. Even with baby teeth everything was moments away from ruin.

Dex continued to make himself comfy in every corner of the house.

He grew fond of walking on the back of the furniture like a cat. Who can blame him? he is, after all the shortest guy in the house. And since he is definitely the nosiest, he needed his perch. This perch is his favorite in the house as he can see what is cooking in the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's start with a Puppy Picture

This is the photo of the first time I saw Dexter. This was his online photo. I fell in love when him. I sent an email to the breeder and I went to bed and dreamed of him. I found out the next day he was still available. Hubby and I hit the road for a road trip to Reno. I was so excited.

Here is the face that stole my heart.

A few days later he was stealing my heart at home. With a face like this, well you gotta admit,
who could resist?