Friday, September 11, 2009

So Busted!!

Dex now has a bit of a criminal record. The paper I got in the mail from the Police department, animal control division states that someone has complained of his barking. Would have been nice to get a little note from them so I could look into it. But that is okay. I had to buy a bark collar.

We had it on tonight and watched the reaction after two barks. It was a bit more than I can stand, so you know, that was the end of the session. Although I have to say he was a non barker for the rest of the night. Maybe he is smarter than we think. Well, of course he is. So it is back to the crate from 8-5 four days a week for Dex, and when he wants to hunt flies, and chase the sprinklers it is bark collar training. Ugh.. I just have a childish juvenile reaction right now and that is to glare and pout at all the neighbors.

The law says he can't bark for more than 20 minutes consecutively, or intermittently for one hour. I suppose I could document and allow that. I actually think that law is a bit over generous as I don't want to hear another dog bark for that long even my own. It grates my nerves. I do aim to be a good owner/neighbor and train my dog. Dex never barked for more than 5 minutes when I am home as I go out and get him, I either stop him or bring him in.

Dex's side of the story....

"Lies.. Lies... I was framed!! Those kids hang over the fence and taunt me and I just want to play and chase them. And the neighbors across the fence have a big hunting dog that is off leash all the time. I have no choice but to sound the tattle tale alarm. I have this big big voice and I plan on using it.

Well... I must say this, when I barked tonight I got a weird sensation and it was kinda creepy. I might just be laying low for a while... time will tell.... Trust me.... these neighbors are whack job evil doers and it is my job to keep things straight in the yard."


  1. Awww! Poor Dex! I've thought about getting Jack the bark collar. He barks non-stop of someone is visiting and he's cooped up in his crate.

  2. Poor you!
    I've never heard of a bark collar but assume it is the same idea as the sheep-chasing collar. Here they cause an electrical pulse in the dog's neck collar just as he/she is about to chase a sheep or lamb. Two tries and the dog usually learns for life - not nice, but better than being shot.
    However, to expect a dog to be "invisible" when they are by nature protectors is a bit much! The one person who complained about my dog, did so during a 2 hour marathon blahblahblah monologue over my kitchen table. If I had known about bark collars then, I'd have covered it in Swaroski glitter and tried it on her (mean? me? only in my mind)

  3. I have to say that the collar was a success... Dexter is now just crated one day a week and with the collar on he doesn't bark. He knows how to move it to the side when he wants to is pretty funny. Neighbors haven't complained......all seems well in the world of Dexter and he spends his morning hunting bugs, bees, and flies.