Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few months later...

It wasn't long after we got Dex that we were used to late night potty breaks, early am play sessions. Our new baby was so cute and adorable, but holy cow... we had to learn to protect our assets from this chewing monster. And I mean he ate everything, phones, furniture, toys, hair clips, shoes, rugs .. and I mean everything.

He was a chewing machine... (still is) We have to channel his chewing. He didn't score a lot of points by chewing my yarn, toilet paper and even books. It was really bad. It was worse than having a two year old around. And with my grandson a two year old at the time I can vouch that the Grandson was easier to watch than "the beast."

I mean he was so cute but such a deadly chewer. Even with baby teeth everything was moments away from ruin.

Dex continued to make himself comfy in every corner of the house.

He grew fond of walking on the back of the furniture like a cat. Who can blame him? he is, after all the shortest guy in the house. And since he is definitely the nosiest, he needed his perch. This perch is his favorite in the house as he can see what is cooking in the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's start with a Puppy Picture

This is the photo of the first time I saw Dexter. This was his online photo. I fell in love when him. I sent an email to the breeder and I went to bed and dreamed of him. I found out the next day he was still available. Hubby and I hit the road for a road trip to Reno. I was so excited.

Here is the face that stole my heart.

A few days later he was stealing my heart at home. With a face like this, well you gotta admit,
who could resist?