Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dexter and Lola

My daughter moved back from Oklahoma and she came with dog!  She rescued this little Chihuahua mix from doom.  A whole litter of pups dropped off for doom.  So sad.  Well anyway meet   Miss Lola. (aka LoLo, Yo-Yo, and Lola-Bella).   She moves like a Jack Rabbit. He doesn't intimidate her at all. She gives him quite the run for his money.  Who needs the dog  park? These two go crazy tearing up the back yard for long stretches. 

They are the same age and are the very very best of friends.

I just thought I'd post a little update.  All is well in the world of Dexter. 


  1. And I thought our basset and Jack Russell teams were odd couples... ;) Sweet photos. I was impressed at how gentle wild Sissy was with baby Gretchen, and I suspect Dexter figured out the size difference instantly too?

  2. For sure... I mean they are seriously an odd couple.. but best of friends.